A Place To Call My Unknown

by Cult of Erinyes



released April 23, 2011

Cult of Erinyes is:
Corvus: composition, guitar, bass, keys
Mastema: vocals, lyrics
Baal: drums

Dolmanseh: visuals
Algol: live bass
Baron: live guitar



all rights reserved


Cult of Erinyes Brussel, Belgium

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Track Name: Insignificant
Hundreds of eyes, hundreds of conversations
A sense of well-being and comfort
A remedy against loneliness

You think you're protected, you think you can feel their warmth
The illusion of being somebody, of serving a purpose

An insignificant part of an immeasurable whole
Outside the skies are gray, broad spaces frighten you
Living away from windows, the unease gnaws your guts
Seems the night will swallow you, will erase you at last

Pointless existences, interchangeable lives
A springboard to anonymity, absolute hypocrisy
A world on the brink of implosion
Sharing turns into an exhibition , pride’s parade
The price to pay to overcome the feeling
That freezes your heart and wakes you up at night
Egos business, the final stage

Accessing this better world only made your fall harder
Alone, so desperately alone in the blinding lights

You cried out for the last time in the damp and black night
A wounded animal playing its last card

You were never found, you were never heard
You were never in any light, you never left the darkness
All eyes passed straight through you
You were already invisible, you were already dead

Now that you're gone they are still watching
Now that you’re gone, they’re still talking to you

You don’t even need to exist, you never existed
All eyes passed straight through you
You were already invisible

You never existed